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Academic research has never been this easy

Huge database

With the many sources that a search engine can give you, there may be times you get confused as to which data you should cite and which one you should leave behind. With Essay Researcher, you can actually find exactly what you are looking for the moment you hit the ‘Start Auto Search’ button.

Sources from authorized websites

There are plenty of databases from news, Wikipedia, journals, reports and other papers to choose from. These trustworthy sources ensure you have relevant arguments to go with your opinion. For a thesis writer, the tool is compatible to deliver relevant citation based on the topic.

Search engines no longer neccessary

When you use Essay Researcher, you will only need this software and you can forget Yahoo and Bing or even Google. The tool works to streamline the sources and present them in front of you within a few seconds. It gathers detailed information such as the title of a source, how many words in the paragraphs, which source it uses, and many other useful features. Be it for your thesis or blog content, you can count on the hundreds of academic and non academic info it gathers.

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Source and citation info available

For easy citing, Essay Researcher provides source location so you will not be confused where the sentences come from. The reference will be useful for students writing research for their academic assignments such as thesis or analysis.

No fancy images

Don’t worry because you can concentrate on finding the exact paragraphs you need for your thesis. The tool helps to gather text information (rich text) and does not include any images from the website source. Once you opt for sources with this tool, you will only get what is necessary.

Best software for online research

If you are looking for textbooks to take out some theories, you don’t have to. With this tool, you can actually find almost any type of information along with useful source location. For any of you who wants to create the best research paper, this software is highly recommended.